Tugboats are small, powerful vessels that perform a variety of functions, including maneuvering other vessels by pushing or pulling them. At Premier Ship Models, we build custom model tug boats to your exact specifications. From models of the earliest tug boats to modern barge, trawlers and tug boats, we can replicate any vessel with unmatched accuracy and quality.

The first tug boat was patented in Gloucestershire, England by inventor Jonathan Hulls in 1736. Today, different types of tug boats are used for different functions. Tugboats remain essential for helping move ships in a crowded harbor and moving vessels that are unable to move themselves, such as disabled ships, barges, and oil platforms. Some types of tugboats are used as icebreakers or salvage boats, and others are ocean going.

Whether you love the earliest tugboats or modern vessels, we can create a custom model of any tugboat, from any time period, in any size that meets your requirements and budget. When a customer places an order, we conduct any research necessary to plan the model and ensure that it is an accurate replica of the original ship, down to the smallest details.

We use high quality materials, including woods, metals, paints, and other materials to recreate your favorite tug boat in amazing detail. We will communicate with you throughout the process and send pictures of the progress of your model. This allows us to be sure that the model meets your requirements.

At Premier Ship Models, we have worked with clients in more than 110 countries, including international museums and colleges, art galleries, shipping and cruise companies, corporate sponsors, international retailers, and many others. You can find examples of our work on our portfolio page and read testimonials from some of our clients to get better acquainted with the quality of our work.

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