A pirate ship model evokes the imagery of pirate adventures on the open sea. Pirate ships and tales of famous pirates captivate audiences from every generation, from the very young to their grandparents and great grandparents. If you are looking for a custom pirate ship model, get in touch with Premier Ship Models for exquisite handcrafted custom models of any ship.

We can create a custom model of famous pirate ships, both real and imagined, including the Flying Dutchman, Blackbeard’s ship THE QUEEN ANNE’S REVENGE, Black Pearl & Jolly Roger, or any of the other famous pirate ships from history and culture. Our artisans can replicate any vessel from the classic age of pirates to ships featured in modern films and stories.

The beauty and accuracy of our designs will bring the imagination to life. We carefully research every vessel to replicate it in stunning detail. We use different resources to meet the specific requirements of each project, including traditional and modern methods. We implement new technologies to produce models that are even more accurate in a shorter amount of time.

We work with a diverse portfolio of clients, including international museums, art galleries, film and production companies, corporate sponsors, international retailers, and many other organizations. Our work can be found in small museums, office buildings, boat clubs, private homes, and many other private and public buildings in countries throughout the world.

Our artisans carefully craft our model pirate ships using high quality woods, metals, canvas, and other materials to provide museum quality models that are suitable for display in virtually any setting. We encourage you to browse through our website to learn more about our model building and restoration services, read about some of our recent projects, and view photographs of some of our work.

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