The USS Constitution Model Ship is one of the most frequently requested commissions that we receive. This is due in part to the ship being the oldest floating naval vessel, which attracts thousands of visitors every year. Alongside this the USS Constitution was named by President George Washington after launching in the year 1797, making her especially popular with our customers in the USA.

Of all the multiple orders for the USS constitution model we have been given over the last 20 years, the most interesting project was an extra-large version measuring at 244 cm (96 inches). In order to complete this build we needed to obtain more accurate plans, which we sourced from Karl-Heinz Marquardt. The well-known German marine-modeller has been responsible for writing several books including, in partnership with the team at the Constitution museum, his 2005 publication The 44-gun Frigate USS Constitution: “Old Ironsides”.

Through acquiring such precise plans we were equipped to build a Constitution ship model that was a more truthful replica of the original ship. Each feature of the model including the shape of the hull, the rigging, deck structure and finer fixtures were finished in a higher detail. The extra-large model was made in our own workshop using a mixture of teak and sapele wood coupled with quality brass fittings and details. As with all our models it was built using a traditional plank-on-frame technique through creating a skeleton of the hull and then double planking it before adding copper plating on the underside of the hull and then painting the rest of the model.

Having run our own workshop for almost 20 years we are well experienced in creating custom models, such as this extra-large 244 cm version of the USS Constitution. We can make a model to virtually any size or requirement, including something special or unique like a USS constitution Ship In A Bottle or a USS Constitution Cross Section Model. If you would like to order a custom model or want to know more please contact us via the website.

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