At Premier Ship Models, we offer you 3D ship models crafted with the top industry tools. From developing a complete project of a small cabin craft starting at its conceptual phase, to achieve a definitive and valid 3D model for production, obtaining 3D models of the hull, interiors and deck, and prepare them for digital manufacturing (CNC milling machine and / or 3D printing) is your one-stop solution for 3D printed boat.

Our team of passionate and expert 3D printed ship designers use some of the most popular tools within the naval sector, especially in the recreational craft sector, to make 3D models of all types of boats for naval design and engineering studies and shipyards around the world.

How we work

Every 3D printed ship at is made to the best standards of the industry.

We use advanced techniques to get a boat 3D model from a given conceptual design. With that information about the design of the boat, we first generate the basic 3D curves of the design, analyze and adjust the quality of these curves to be able to create surfaces of High quality.

The next step is 3D ship rendering. We adjust the continuity between the surfaces according to the design needs. We then take into account suitable aspects of moulds and necessary demolding angles.

We ensure fittings between moulds taking into account manufacturing requirements and we thoroughly check for possible interferences in the design. Once the final design is “approved” we round off the edges of the model according to manufacturing requirements.

To accomplish these tasks our designers undertake not one, but several rounding techniques and solve the encounter between several edges completely for better finishing.

In this way, we craft a 3D model of each part of the 3D printed boat, so that we can close the model correctly without any unfinished bare edges in the model.

Why choose us:

  • High-quality model, correctly scaled for an accurate representation of the original object.
  • Models resolutions are optimized for polygon efficiency.
  • All colours can be easily modified.
  • Model is fully textured with all materials applied.
  • All textures and materials are included and mapped in every format.
  • Ship 3D models are grouped for easy selection, and objects are logically named for ease of scene management.
  • We combine, photos, blueprints and research for correct 3D boat rendering