5 Simple Steps

We have perfected our commission process over time through the experience learnt from dealing with a variety of clients and projects. We spend a great deal of time at the enquiry stage in order to fully understand a clients expectations with respect to concept, timeline, quality and budget. 

The Model Maker’s Brief is a document unique to Premier Ship Models and forms the basis of an agreement between us and the client around the product we will be delivering. It contains details of every specification the finished model will have down to size, shape, colour etc. and is signed off mutually before production begins. 

As production progresses, the model team will carry out QC by an indepedent QC Manager at various stages of the build. Alongside this, they will forward pictures of the model to the client for their approval. Production does not progress until each stage is signed off by the QC Manager, Production Manager and the client. 

Step 1 - Customer Enquiry

Step 2 - Model Makers Brief + Customer Approval

Step 3 - Production Begins

Step 4 - Final Product

Step 5 - Delivery