Custom Tanker Bulk Carrier & Container Ship Model

Premier Ship Models has created custom models of container ships, tankers, bulk carriers, and other commercial vessel models for display in museums, corporate offices, and private collections in more than 110 countries. If you are interested in a museum quality container ship model at a price that will fit your budget, our skilled artisans offer services that cater to your needs and budget.

One of the most famous container and tanker models that we have made have been for the Danish Maritime Museum which were both 4 meters long. Glad to report, the client sent us a very nice testimonial on the opening of their museum.

Tankers, bulk carriers & containers are used by companies in a broad range of industries to transport cargo, natural resources, raw materials, and finished products between many areas of the world. These ships are particularly popular in corporate offices of companies working in any industry that requires the use of container ships and those interested in adding a unique model to a diverse collection.

If you are fond of a particular vessel, we can create a custom tanker model, container ship, or cargo model ship of virtually any ship. We research the vessel to recreate it down to the smallest detail using the highest quality materials, proven construction methods, and the latest technology to improve accuracy in the finished model.

In addition to building model ships, we offer repair and restoration services for commercial vessel models to replenish degradation caused by damage to the model, exposure to sunlight, extreme temperature changes, dust, and other damage. We use the original ship and construction methods as a guide. During the restoration process, we retain as much of the original construction as possible and work to bring your model back to life.

You can read about our custom model building, restorations, and bespoke display cases on our website. Be sure to check our portfolio page for pictures and information about some of our recent projects. Get in touch with us to discuss your requirements and learn how we can meet your needs, budget, and deadlines.