The shape of the ships is something that does not arise from the whim of the naval engineer,

but of their knowledge in the physical principles that influence the design of the ships. Hence, all our boat models including, model speed boats, model fishing boats, ship model kits and model sailing boats are developed on the basis of real ship designs.

The main feature of a ship is its hull, therefore our first and foremost focus is upon giving our model ship boats the best of the hull’s curvature, their shell and the continuity of that curved surface.

Premier Ship Model understands how important it is to cater quality service that lasts with the customer forever. We stress at providing personal and professional assistance to the clients, work in sync according to their details and produce according to their vision. The company’s core value is to provide world-class service, and Premier Ship Models strictly adheres to the guidelines that will yield the best outcome.

Furthermore, over the last 18 years, Premier Ship Models has achieved success in designing and shipping high-quality Model boat building. Especially Model Fishing Boats, Model Speed Boats, Model Sailing Ships, Wooden Model Boat, Ship Models Kit across the globe.

We put maximum efforts in crafting well-thought designs into full-size ship models according to a wide range of budgets and requirements. The materials used to create the ship models are exquisite and high quality. This ensures the full satisfaction of our customers.

Premier Ship Models believe in the only philosophy – customer satisfaction. We work towards delivering what we believe in.

Model Boat Building at

Our modellers base the procedure of model boat building depending on the uses to which the model vessel is intended. The customer is our instructor. Based on the instructions provided by our customer our designers and developers build the ship model.

The modellers of first design the ship on paper keeping in mind all the original statistics of the ship. The half ship model or the skeleton of the ship model is crafted, where the necessary modifications will be made.

The miniature bed (that we also call a model boat case) is built where the boat will rest. The wood is cut and shaped as per the designed pieces that will form the final ship structure.

The first pieces that are placed are the keel, the wheel and the coast. This process is called training. The frames, the tape and the sleeper are placed and then the frames are covered with the lining to give resistance to the boat.

The finished wooden model boat structure looks exactly like a real ship with all the detailing and right specifications.