Scale model ships can range from a size as small as 1/6000 wargaming miniatures to large scale vessels that can even hold people in real life.

Every boat model is a scale representation (at approximate proportions) of a ship, with the intention of faithfully representing its shapes, dimensions and characteristics. This will depend on the materials and skills of the modeler, but what differentiates a model of one scale model ship from another is precisely the desire to reproduce an authentic ship in small.

The models can be of many types: shipyard (made in the workshops where the authentic boats are built and that serve as decoration, prestige sample or as a three-dimensional plane), the votive models (made as a sample of religious devotion because of a dramatic fact), teaching models (generally large and used in nautical schools to teach future captains and pilots), scientific models (showing a project or a prototype), archaeological reconstruction models (which try to reproduce as best as possible a historic ship model from the past from a historical search or an archaeological excavation), the so-called pontoon models (made with bone or ivory), and more.

The scale model boats are, therefore, miniature boats that try to show us in the greatest possible way, the ships or boats that, due to their dimensions or because they are no longer preserved, cannot be known otherwise.

To accomplish these tasks our designers, use several rounding techniques and solve the encounter between several edges completely for better finishing.

Why choose us?

Ship modelling is as old as shipbuilding and with Premier Ship Models it has been more than 18 years that we are successfully providing scale model ships, HMS Victory Model Ship, Historic Model Ship, Scale Warships Battleships and Boat Model Kits across the United Kingdom, The U.S., France and Australia. takes pride in yielding model boats sorted according to a wide range of budgets and requirements.

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