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RMS Titanic Ship Design and Model Building

The Titanic was built in Harland and Wolff Shipbuilding in Belfast, Northern Ireland in 1912. It was 882 feet long (268 meters) and had a total tonnage of 45,000 Tons. The owners were The White Star Line.

It was propelled by two twin propellers of more than seven meters in diameter and another propeller, in a central position, measuring more than five meters. There were 29 boilers that fed two 30,000 HP steam engines and a 16,000 HP turbine. Combined, they propelled the ship at a speed of about 22 knots.

The Titanic had 28 rooms and suites for its passengers. The special rooms were located in the middle of decks B and C, designed in different ways. A large restaurant with a dimension of 92 feet wide and 114 long, was located on deck D as the meeting place for dinner.

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