Client Name: Artlink
Number of Models: 21
Ship Model Sizes: Length range 29cm – 43cm

ArtLink is an art consultancy and provision agency, they specialise in creating  inspirational art across the globe. ArtLink collaborates with designers, architects, engineers and hoteliers to develop unique concepts, collections and site-specific installations distinctively tailored to each project.

With over twenty years of entrepreneurial experience in art and continuous collaboration with artists and artisans, ArtLink has successfully completed over 125 hotel projects spanning 32 countries, while never compromising on quality, artistic integrity, budget or time lines.

We were given the task of designing and manufacturing a feature wall for a restaurant / bar for a cruise ship.  The wall was 8.5m long and 1.25m tall. Our goals for the project were to create a educational and family friendly wall to suit the restaurant, whilst ensuring we passed all of the cruise ship regulations. We were given around 12 months to design and manufacture the feature wall.

They originally proposed that we do a ship in a bottle, after many design discussions we stuck to the ship in a bottle theme however, decided to incorporate 21 different ships and place them on the wall which would be printed as a map. The overall design resembled an expedition, therefor we included many exploration ships like Charles Darwins’ ship and a few from the Christopher Columbus collection. 

Their were many challenging aspects of this project, for example cruise ships have many different regulations to ensure their passengers safety, for us it meant that the materials we used had to be fire retardant. As well as complying with every regulation we had to engineer a final product that was easy and simple to install as it was the cruise team who would install the feature wall.

The wall was successfully installed and passed all regulations, Both Artlink and the Cruise company was very happy.

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