BP Glen Lyon FPSO VIP Gifts

Client Name: BP
Ship Model Name: Glen Lyon
Number of Models: 1
Size of Model: L: 25 cm x H: 12cm
Scale of Model: 1 to 1000

BP P.L.C, formerly known as British Petroleum, is a global energy provider headquartered in the United Kingdom. The company follows a strong philosophy of sourcing and developing energy solutions with low carbon emissions in the interest of achieving renewable, reduced cost energy that promotes climate change.

With the success of our first project with BP for the Quad 204. Premier Ship Models we asked to build a model of the Glen Lyon FPSO at a scale of 1/1000. One of these model was presented to the CEO of BP. The other model will be presented to BP VIP’s as a gift from BP. 

As with our first project with BP we had access to BP resources who provided access to plans in a wealth of information needed to provide a perfect model. Once again the models were made using 3D printing technology. The base was built for hard wood and the display case were supplied by an external workshop.

The first model was delivered to the BP London office to have its place in the office of BP’s CEO. Once again the project was a success as the client was pleased with the result.

Commission your own model

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