Donzi Sport Fishing Boat

Premier Ship Models was tasked with constructing a model of the Donzi Sport Fishing Boat for a private client. Our director Nathan secured this project.

Donzi Marine is an advanced manufacturer of high-performance powerboats, and since their formation in 1964, have achieved incredible success in delivery fantastic water-based experiences for maritime enthusiasts. Their key focuses are quality, customer satisfaction and innovation.

They are celebrating their 60th anniversary in 2024, and with this comes the reincarnation of the 22 Classic, called the 64-24 Anniversary Edition.

However, this model in particular is in no way related to this anniversary, and was instead to be a highly-realistic rendition of the aforementioned Donzi Sport Fishing Boat.

This project was completed for a private client, and so not much can be said here, except for the fact that the client was immensely happy. They were pleased with the speed and quality at which we are working, as well as the level of transparency provided throughout.

The model was 3D printed, and it measures in at 36 inches (91 centimetres) in length.

3D-printing is an incredibly complex profession. It requires you to understand three main things:

  • The material
  • The printer
  • The methodology of the piece and your desired end result

The entire process is extremely specialist. Our agent in the Far East focuses on two skillsets when constructing models: creating the model in a digital manner and readying it for printing, and the separate skillset to take the parts from the printer and get them to a professionally high-standard.

The model is a full-colour, highly detailed static scale model. This means it doesn’t have any moving parts. In any custom project, the initial stages involve liaising with the client as closely as possible, to ensure we bring their vision to life. We strive to be wholly transparent, allowing the client to see the progress of their order. This is always agreed beforehand.

There were discussions to go with a smaller size, and multiple renders were provided, all in full colour. However, the client decided to go with the larger, more detailed size.

As the models were to be 3D printed, digital renders needed to be made. The models are made of high-density industrial plastics, as well as high-precision photosensitive resin, hard brass, acrylic and timber. They would then be cut with lasers to ensure the utmost precision and a perfect finish.

Extensive levels of research were conducted to ensure both the exterior and interior were made exactly how the client wanted. The intricacy of the models is second-to-none. The interior is visible through glass panes throughout the model, much like the real-life counterpart.

After the client has signed-off on the digital renders, production can begin. One of the trickiest stages is converting the digital render into a file that is compatible with the 3D-printer. Certain software has to be used to achieve this. Before this is done, the render itself is split into pieces – which are digital parts of the model – and accordingly named and saved where appropriate. After this, another piece of software is used to ensure the parts are ready to be printed; making sure they’re of the right scale, are sturdy enough and watertight.

When the renders are ready, they can be printed via laser-cutting, and then building can begin. The construction itself is obviously the hands-on section, where specialists are required. It is known as the ‘finishing.’ The hull of any model is normally split into three pieces, and they will each have joints. These joints were glued together and then left to dry, before additional features could be added. However, the hull is painted before any more pieces are added, and this protects the viscosity of the glue, ensuring the model remains rigid and has no chance of falling apart.

Finally, the model is to be fitted on a base, together with a customised name plate. The price was built-in with the rest of the model.

The model was completed on time and to a brilliant degree of quality.

The client was wholly satisfied with the process, and Premier Ship Models is thrilled with the level of work being carried out.

It was an honour to construct a Donzi model, thanks to their rich heritage, and we’re thrilled that the client chose us.

This was an incredibly exciting project, and we’re so happy with the end result.

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