Farr Racing Yachts

Client Name: Huawei
Ship Model Name: Farr 30
Number of Models: 2
Size of Model: L: 47 cm x H: 60 cm

Huawei Technologies is a global telecommunications equipment manufacturer and services company based in China. They are currently the largest manufacturer of telecommunication equipment in the world, with offices in 21 countries.

We were contacted by a member of staff at Huawei who was manager of the company’s sailing team. He planned to present two display models of the Farr Racing Yacht to the chairman to show his appreciation for the chairman supporting the initiative and the team. The team had recently entered into Sailing Arabia, the Tour event around the Arabian Gulf. The real ships they sailed in had been branded in the colours of the team’s sponsors and the member of staff who contacted us wanted the models to look the same way.

As the models were to be presented to a company chairman to mark a special event we needed to ensure they were of the highest quality and delivered on schedule. We used plans and pictures of the real ships to build the models with a skeleton hull and plank on frame construction. The models were finished with fiber glass and paint.

The models were completed to spec and delivered safely to Kuwait where they were presented to the Vice Chairman.

” Many thanks indeed for the models. They were well received “.

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