Patrick C Oil Tanker

In late 2023, we were tasked with building a Patrick C Oil Tanker model for a private client. The deal was secured by our digital director, Nathan.

The model was to measure 100 centimetres in length.

The real Patrick C is a chemical and oil products tanker that sails under the flag of Liberia. It has a gross tonnage of 23,350, and measures 184 metres in length. It was constructed in 2009, and continues to operate on a continual basis.

This model is complete with a stand and plaque, a striking red and white colour scheme, and realistic decals and decking structures. It makes for a terrific piece of décor for people with a keen interest in all-things maritime.

As briefly mentioned above, this project was carried out for a private client, therefore, we cannot go into extreme detail. However, what we can say is that they have been immensely impressed throughout the entire process, and it was a privilege to work with them and help bring their vision to life.

The model was to be 3D printed, and it measured exactly 100 centimetres in length (excluding the base).

In terms of materials used, the model was solely constructed from ABS resin, with timber for the base and an acrylic case.

3D-printing is an incredibly complex profession. It requires you to understand three main things:

  • The material
  • The printer
  • The methodology of the piece and your desired end result

The entire process is extremely specialist. Our off-site 3D-printing agent focuses on two skillsets when constructing models: creating the model in a digital manner and readying it for printing, and the separate skillset to take the parts from the printer and get them to a professionally high-standard.

The custom projects we do always start with thorough conversations between us and our clients to make sure we’re on the same page and are capable of bringing their vision to life just as they imagine it. We’re big advocates for transparency, so our clients get regular updates on how their order is going, and we work out details like delivery times and payment terms together.

Since we’re working with 3D printing, we start by creating a digital version of the model. We use high-quality materials like photosensitive resin, acrylic, and timber, and we utilise 3D simulation modelling and laser-cutting for utmost precision.

To keep things running smoothly, we now pause production temporarily so our clients can give the thumbs up on the digital render, or alternatively provide any feedback they may have. Once they’re happy, we can continue, moving quickly to save time and resources.

One of the trickier parts is getting that digital render ready for the 3D printer. We have to use specialised software here. To make this possible, we break down the render into manageable pieces – each representing a part of the model – and make sure everything’s labelled and organised properly. Then, we use other advanced software to double-check those parts, making sure they’re the right size, sturdy enough, and also waterproof.

Once the render is good to go, it’s time for laser-cutting, and then we start building. This hands-on part, called ‘finishing,’ requires very skilled and practiced hands. Typically, we split the hull into three parts with joints glued together. We let that dry before adding more details. We also paint the hull first to make sure everything stays solid.

While all this is happening, our 3D expert is busy sorting out all the smaller bits, getting them cleaned up and painted individually.

Throughout the entire process, we keep our clients in the loop with plenty of photos and written updates. It’s of the utmost importance to us to make sure they’re happy with how things are going, and we welcome any feedback they have, making adjustments to get everything just right.

As a finishing touch, we fitted the model with a high-quality display case for protection.

The completion of the Patrick C Oil Tanker model followed our schedule perfectly, achieving a remarkable standard of quality. The 3D printing process proceeded seamlessly, with regular updates provided to the client through production notes, images and renders.

Premier Ship Models is delighted to add another triumph to our portfolio with this custom ship model project, and most importantly, our client expressed utmost satisfaction with their acquisition!

We eagerly anticipate diving into fresh endeavours, thoroughly pleased with the outcome of this one!

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