The Mondrian Hotel

Client Name: Mondrian Hotel
Ship Model Name: Cruise RMS Queen Mary
Number of Models: 1
Size of Model: L:270 cm x H: 72 cm

The hotel displaying our model of the Queen Mary is part of the Morgans Hotel Group. The hotel is located at Sea Containers House on London’s South Bank and is part of a group of 3 other hotels under the Mondrian brand. The Mondrian brand is inspired by the idea of offering visitors the chance to experience another world when walking through and staying at the hotel. The brand prides itself on a high standard of glamour, luxury, excitement and fantasy to offer the customer a real experience of whichever story that particular hotel is telling


In the case of the London hotel, the Morgans Hotel Group hired London designer Tom Dixon to create a 1920’s cruise ship theme. They have named it the ‘transatlantic liner’; offering visitors the opportunity to be transported back to the 1920’s and place them aboard a luxury cruise ship such as the RMS Queen Mary. Our model is just one of many design features that help to tell this story. Another example is a copper clad wall which runs from the outside of the hotel, through the lobby, and out on to the river side of the hotel. The copper clad wall is designed to look like the hull of a ship and it is truly a spectacle.


The model is 2.7 metres in length and made with wood, fibre glass, metal castings, galvanized metal and spray paint. We had a timeline of 4 weeks to build this model, which meant reorganising our production schedule quickly to focus on the Queen Mary. We were also asked to complete a yellow submarine model, which would hang in the bar of the hotel. We completed the Queen Mary model in our Mauritius workshop, the yellow submarine in our UK workshop, and installed both models in the hotel as well. Result The Mondrian Group, hotel and designer were all extremely pleased with the quality and finish of both models, especially given the time required to complete them. The Queen Mary model is still to this day proudly displayed in the lobby of the hotel and the yellow submarine model hangs over the main bar of the hotel. The project is a good demonstration of the skill of our model makers and the capacity for the company as a whole to successfully delivery high profile projects in a short space of time.

“We commissioned Premier Ship Models for two projects at the Mondrian at Sea Containers in London. The Queen Mary made for the hotel lobby was of exceptional quality with incredible attention to detail. The yellow submarine in the restaurant has been a very widely published artwork. Apart from the amazing finished pieces the entire process was very convenient and reliable AND the team was very passionate about their work.”

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