DIBS 2024 – 3 Plane Models

In our bid to showcase as much variety as possible at the Dubai International Boat Show in late February, we decided to take three custom-built plane models along with thirteen ship models, three architectural models and five vehicular and miscellaneous models.

The planes we took varied in terms of purpose, size and era. The three consisted of the Airbus A350-900 by Emirates, the Cirrus SR22 and finally the F-16E Block 60 UAE Air Force fighter jet.

The Airbus A350 stands as a twin-engine passenger aircraft with a typical capacity ranging from 300 to 350 people, excluding crew members. It boasts an impressive range of 8,100 nautical miles. Within its lineup, the A350-900 is the smaller variant. Commencing production in 2010, its manufacturing journey continues today.

It measures in at a 1:144 scale, and this model reproduction rests elegantly upon a wooden stand, exuding sophistication with its striking white and gold exterior. Precisely, it measures 46 centimetres in length, 45 in width, and 12 in height.

For aficionados of aviation and vehicular craftsmanship alike, this intricately detailed model serves as a delightful adornment, capable of infusing any space with that final touch of finesse.

The Cirrus SR22 stands as a pinnacle in the realm of single-engine composite aircraft, having maintained its production line since 2001. With over 7,000 units gracing the skies, predominantly serving civilian needs, it’s a testament to its reliability and popularity. Notably, the SR22 series has clinched the title of the best-selling general aviation plane annually since 2003, solidifying its status as the reigning champion of the skies in terms of production.

In miniature form, this model captures the essence of the SR22’s grace and functionality, scaled down to a meticulous 1:24 ratio. Its dimensions mirror its real-life counterpart with precision: 33 centimetres in length, 49 in width, and 11 in height, ensuring a faithful reproduction that aviation enthusiasts will appreciate. Adorned in a vibrant orange and silver paint scheme, it’s a visual masterpiece that demands attention and sparks conversations among admirers of aeronautical marvel.

The F16 stands out as one of the most renowned fighter jets globally, with various air forces around the world utilizing its diverse variants. Since its inception in 1976, over 4,600 have been manufactured.

One such variant, the Block 60, serves the UAE Air Force, boasting enhanced radar, avionics, and conformal fuel tanks. Similar to the F35, the Block 60 integrates an onboard laser targeting system, facilitating precise designation for pilots and thereby enhancing flight quality, manoeuvrability, and efficiency.

Scaled at 1:40, this model measures 38 centimetres in length, 25 in width, and 12 in height. It sports a tactical camouflage paint scheme and wing-mounted missiles, lending it an aura of gritty realism bound to captivate enthusiasts!

Overall, the entire show was a fantastic investment and a brilliant experience for all involved.

We have been widening our stock in recent months in terms of custom models, branching out from solely maritime-based products and venturing into the world of aviation and motor models. It’s incredibly complex, however, our extensive experience in the modelling industry has really allowed us to get off to a running start, and we’re loving the new opportunities that have presented themselves thanks to the show and our hard work elsewhere!

Making plane models is a great new experience for us and we are learning so much. We’re ecstatic to be able to offer innovative products and services to new clientele all around the globe, and we will continue to improve!

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