Hong Kong Maritime Museum

Client Name: The Hong Kong Maritime Museum
Ship Model Name: Batavia, San Felipe, Borobudur, Perahu
Number of Models: 4

The Hong Kong Maritime Museum is a prime location in the heart of the city, located on the waterfront and dedicated to preserving, collecting and displaying objects that recreate the rich maritime history of Hong Kong. The museum was opened just over 10 years ago and currently attracts 100,000 visitors a year across all age groups.


Premier Ship Models were asked to initially deliver two models in early 2004 in preparation for the opening of the museum. The order was later increased to include a further two models. The historical model ships were of the Batavia, San Felipe, Borobodur and Perahu. The models were required for display in the museum and therefore needed to be minutely accurate and of the highest quality.


Ship plans of the initial two models were delivered to us by the client. The two ships added to the order after this time did not have plans, which meant the team needed to carry out thorough research on the vessels to ensure the models were as accurate as possible.

Production began and throughout the build process, the customer was sent multiple images at each stage of the production. The customer required several design changes throughout the completion of the models, which meant as a team we needed to adapt the build process in order to deliver in line with customer requirements.

All 4 ship models were delivered within the customer’s deadline and were received positively by the customer in regards to their quality and accuracy.

“Rich Creation International Ltd has to fit out the currently ‘in-progress’ installation of ‘Hong Kong’s first full Maritime Museum’. We first commissioned Premier Ship Models in early 2004 for a very urgent delivery on custom making ship models of the Batavia and San Felipe Galleons. This then increased to additional orders for a further two model historical model ships of the Borobodur and Perahu vessels. The entire project continued to undergo many design changes and even resulted in the change of size/scale of the model ship Batavia. All accommodated without problem by PSM. They worked very professionally and did significant research on the later commissioned model ships as our client had little information on these historical ships. Constant delays and our clients change of mind on needs, finishing, ageing of the model ships etc added complexities to already difficult tasks, but in the end we received on time very excellent wooden ship models, highly detailed and fine finishing. The shipping and packing was excellent, and all five ship models received after a near 3 week journey by sea were without damage. We found Rashid and his staffs’ service to be very helpful, timely and professional in every respect. We will and hope to use them again on other projects and further commissions for this Museum as it expands and creates new displays. The general quality, service and reliability has proved its worth in using them over less expensive options, but in saying that we still find them to be highly competitive and value for money. We would recommend them to any other prospective client for the provision of high quality maritime ship models.”

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