Maersk Mc-Kinney Moller Container Ship


This project was part of a collaboration between Maersk and the Deutsches Museum in Munich. The model was to be installed as part of a new display at the museum. The museum is one of the world’s largest and oldest to have a specific focus of curating science and technology.

Project Brief

Premier Ship Models were approached directly by Maersk Line as they wanted to present a gift to the museum for display. The model was to be a 1:200 scale replica of their Mc-Kinney Moller Container Ship, the leading ship of the Triple-E class. As it was to be displayed in the museum, the quality and accuracy had to be of the highest level. The delivery timeframe was also fairly modest, which meant we had to assign extra resources to make sure the model was completed on time.

Process of Work

The model was fully handcrafted using plans and pictures provided by Maersk. The hull was built using a skeleton structure with plank on frame construction. After completing the planking the wood was sanded and a layer of fibre glass was applied before adding primer and then paint. The fixtures and fittings were then installed including the miniature containers, which are intended to represent the 11,000 that the real ship holds


The project was successfully completed on time and the museum were satisfied with the work and happy with the new display.


“Dear all at Premier Ship Models, The two ship models arrived safely in the new Danish Maritime Museum last week and yesterday they were both installed in their showcases in the exhibition area. It looks really nice. The exhibition opens this Saturday with a reception for 500 people, and H.M. the Queen of Denmark will be sitting right next to your ship models. Thank you so much for your work.”

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