Clipper Ship Model

Clippers were very fast classic sailing ships of the mid-19th century that were used by everyone from merchants to pirates for their beauty and speed. Clipper ship models are among the most popular models of historic ships for their distinctive design, which features three masts and a square rig. If you are interested in a clipper ship model, the skilled artisans at Premier Ship Models can craft an exact replica of any of these classic sailing ships., serving customers for 18 years, are experienced and passionate in designing and manufacturing chief clipper ship models.

Including cutty sark wooden model, Harvey Baltimore clipper, Fully bait tall wooden ship models, sailing ship model, antique model ships and many more premier ship models, we accept orders to build anything and everything you desire.

The Cutty Sark wooden model of the fastest clipper of the time, known for its voyages between London and China transporting tea in the 19th century. The original ship is preserved as a museum vessel in the United Kingdom after recent renovation of the ship. The Harvey Baltimore Clipper was used in the mid-19th century to capture British merchant ships supporting British forces, which were attempting to recapture the former colonies, and in the California gold rush for blockades and transporting cargo between San Francisco and New York.

Baltimore clippers were fast sailing vessels designed for trade on the U.S. coastlines and between the United States and the Caribbean Islands. The ships were designed with sharp hull lines to maximize speed, which made this type of vessel extremely popular in both the U.S. and the UK for trade.

Our handcrafted custom ship models are designed in the exact image of the original ship and crafted with high quality woods, metals, materials using a combination of traditional and modern methods. We conduct thorough research on the original vessels to create antique model ships that are as accurate as possible. We employ the services of a maritime curator to research ship histories as and when requested by clients. This may include re-creating the drawings of the ship if required.

We are committed to providing exquisite custom models that meet our clients’ expectations, budgets, and time constraints. We communicate with you throughout the process of building your sailing ship model to ensure that you are happy with the progress.

What’s so amazing about a Clipper Ship?

A clipper ship or merchant ship (as it is popularly known) was originally crafted by American shipbuilders in 1840s for faster cargo transfers through ocean waters. The design impressed English shipbuilders so much, that they incorporated it in to their shipping facilities.

Its swiftness and speed are an example of growth and positivity, and getting such a revolutionized water transport as a portable model is in itself unique.

Our expert modellers take care of every essential aspect of a clipper ship model including the three masts with square sails. This beautiful yet sturdy mast-and sail combination is a must to glorify your living room, museum, reading room and more.

Why choose us

We are focused on innovation with thorough research and development. The world of wooden model ships is our passion that we bring to reality with continuous research about past, present and future, stocking high-quality manufacturing materials and developing new techniques on model ship building.

We are continuously working with our modellers to derive an extensive range of products that match your requests and satisfy your requirements. Our diverse, enthralling and innovative aspects revolve around the pursuit of our customers. Premier Ship Models are at the forefront for developing the right kind of Clipper ship models with the right technique giving you the convenience to model without hassle.

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Get connected with us and let us know your choice of model and rest assured every effort will be made to fulfil your dream. We keep you up to date with the design and construction progress of your model.