The Commission Process

5 Clear Steps to the Build the Perfect Model

In our 20 years of operating we have worked with a diverse range of clients, each with their own needs. With this in mind we have developed a process to ensure customers receive a model that meets and exceeds their expectations with regard to concept, timeline, quality and budget.

The Model Maker’s Brief

In support of these objectives, Premier Ship Models created “The Model Maker’s Brief” – a detailed document that forms the basis of an agreement between us and the client, making the specifications of the model explicitly clear. This document details the size, shape, colour etc. of the model, and it is signed off before production can begin.

Independent Quality Control Manager

But it doesn’t end there. An independent Quality Control Manager will carry out quality control as the project moves forward. Photos of work-to-date are sent to the client for their approval. Work does not re-commence until each stage has been signed off by the QC Manager, the Production Manager and you, the client.

Step 1 - Customer Enquiry

Step 2 - Model Makers Brief + Customer Approval

Step 3 - Production Begins

Step 4 - Final Product

Step 5 - Delivery