Custom Navy Ship Models

Delivering Naval Warship Models Proudly For The Last 17 Years

Ship modelling, a craft as old as the times when water transport first developed, is being preserved and advanced in the many years by Premier Ship Models.

Each model we crafted is with pride for our company and the team of experts make sure our clients are proud of their custom models too.

From warships to submarines, all the Navy Ship Models are hand-carved and fully assembled with a sturdy framework. We offer premier quality Navy warship models to select from and specialize in custom large battleship models.

Any Navy warships model’s replica you are looking for; our passionate and creative team of designers and manufacturers are here to help you. Please allow our company to service the enquiry, size and scale and any other specific request to be design and we will deliver you the beautiful ship model fully insured and secured in a tough shipping crate.

At Premier Ship Models, we design and build custom Navy ship models of any type of ships from any period of naval history.

Our ship models can be seen; in museums, boat clubs, offices, restaurants, and private collections in more than 100+ countries around the world. We are experienced and equipped to meet any requirement for new ship models building or restoration ship models.

U.S. Navy ship models commemorate important moments in American History. We can build a custom model ship of any type of vessels, including large battleship models, submarines, destroyers, cruisers, aircraft carrier models, amphibious landing craft models, patrol craft, auxiliary and service vessels, and much more.

We can create a Navy warships’ model of any vessel you desire at any size and scale. The biggest model that we have built to date are 4 meters long. We craft exceptional quality replica ship models of the most renowned vessels in naval history. We are equipped to replicate historic naval vessels from different periods of American history, from colonial battle ships to modern Navy ships. We adopt new technologies to produce more accurate models and to meet tight deadlines from our clients.

Our team includes nautical experts with more than 30 years of experience to ensure that your model is an exact replica of the original vessel.

We use only high quality materials and hand painted hull designs that are crafted with precision and attention to detail. Our process has been developed over time to ensure that we capture the details and replicate the original ship down to the smallest detail.

Whether you need a U.S. Navy ship model for a museum, public display, or private collection, the quality of our workmanship will more than exceed your expectations. Browse through our website to see photographs and read about some of our recent projects and please get in touch with our company to discuss your requirements to begin planning your custom model ship.

Let our company provide you the best of the best for your custom navy model ship!

We believe we are not only producing just a Navy ship models, but recreating a miniature of the glorious past history of the U.S Navy to keep the memories and historic value and pride alive.

Every Navy ship model produced by Premiere Ship Models is unique in its own way, as all our models are a replica of our customer’s experienced and memories.

We guarantee 100% satisfaction with a true and integrated museum quality workmanship.

Whether it’s a pre or post war ship model or a modern warships, please get in touch with our company to design a miniature of your ship model with lasting memories.