Ships and ship models have always been a prominent feature of mankind’s daily life since the dawn of their water exploration. Travel, discovery and economic benefits are some of the promising and exciting benefits of this transport.

Many genius craftsmen have tried to capture the beauty of ship designs and their technical qualities into models. And we aim to continue the legacy with our passionate team.

We, at Premier Ship Models, guarantee flawless recreation of great ocean liners or model cruise ships, keeping in mind our client’s passion for a masterpiece.

Why Choose Cruise Ship Models?

Some of the longest, largest, widest and tallest ships ever built are liners and cruise ships. They are designed to be special and distinctive in so many ways. Some cruise ships even carry a structure of a 21-story long building.

A miniature highly detailed model with all those magnificent suites, grand staircases and luxury residential furnishings are worth noticing when placed as a centerpiece for your office or home.

From passage under a power line to impressive deck designs and private balconies, model cruise ships manufactured at are done with passion, patience and hard work.

Why choose us?

All models from the antique model ships to model cruise ships crafted at Premier Ship Models are hand-assembled, hand-painted and hand-finished. Maintaining exact ship architecture and minute detailing, all cruise ship models for sale at are expertly designed.

Cast in resin with premium quality 3D printing, these beautiful waterline cruise ship models include recessed balconies, lifeboats deck and windows. Highly durable, realistic appearance, exquisite workmanship and on-time delivery are what make Premier Ship Models’ designs one of the best in the industry.

Made to a high-quality standard and affordable model ship at are meant to be loved by every cruise lover.