A tug is a special class of boat without which no mega-ship can enter the port. Sometimes they are salvage boats and sometimes icebreakers.

Although quite neglected in the marine industry, tug boats are the most important marine element. To be precise, they are the Saviour to the boats caught in hard times.

Just like its original pushing and pulling vessel towards port operational quality and durability, tug boats can be a great addition to your office or home decor that pushes the charm of the interiors towards excellence.

Premier Ship Models specializes in crafting Barge, trawlers and tug boats powered by aircraft quality laser cut plywood decks and cast polymer deck hatches. Keeping it close to reality the hull is designed with a combination of fiberglass and wooden hand-laid-up materials, and features, anchor wells, Kort nozzles and support beams.

What do we Offer 

Superstructure 3D printed boat models or wooden model speed boats by premiershipmodels.com are one of the finest and most detailed model tug boats available in the market.

These model tug boats are highly durable and powerful, and available in multiple varieties.

  • Conventional tug
  • Tractor Tug With Cycloidal Propellers
  • Tractor tug
  • Reverse Tractor Tug
  • Azimuth stern drive tug
  • The Carousel Tug
  • Combi-tug
  • Z-Peller
  • Giano Tug
  • Eco-tug
  • Ice tug

Why choose us 

Premiershipmodels.com works as per the in-depth understanding and mentality of the shipbuilding industry. A ship irrespective of its size should be constructed to sail without fail. And that’s what our modellers base the design; architecture and finishing of the model tug boats.

No matter how complex the make is, we believe in overcoming our difficulties and shortcomings to deliver you the best out of the rest. The most interesting aspect of our boat modelling process is your involvement. We keep you involved as much as you want in delivering the services you need.