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Why is the USS Constitution Ship Model Special? 

It’s a really impressive boat. In its time, it carried 44 cannons on a nominal basis, with the main battery of 24-pound cannons, in addition to a few 32-pound cartons, which no doubt catalogued it as a heavy frigate. This, together with its dimensions, made this vessel more like a ship of the reduced line than a frigate. And it also had a crew of half a thousand men.

Unlike the HMS Victory, which is unable to float in its current state, the USS Constitution was almost always ready for active duty. Of course, it has undergone, like Nelson’s ship, multiple changes, restorations and touch-ups, but always respecting its construction to the fullest, carrying out the maintenance tasks of certain areas as they would have done 200 years ago.

In the period from 1992 to 1996, the structural elements of the keel were changed, which suffered from a pronounced break, in one of the two most important restorations that this super frigate received, making it possible to sail again as it is today.

We stay updated with all the changes, little or big, made to the USS Constitution ship to give you the latest version and right design as a decorative piece to match your lifestyle.

The idea of bringing this American frigate into your living room either in the shape of the USS constitution ship in a bottle or wood model or USS Constitution Cross-Section Model is to add a touch of history to your world and keep the feel a little rustic.

The Old Ironsides, as this vessel is also known, can make its dive into your time of celebration as a celebrated gift to make your special dates even more special.