Battleship Models of Historic Naval & Military Vessels

Mankind has been sailing and battling in and out of oceans since they understood the importance of sea routes and transport. Over the years, there have been plenty of advances made to various ancient vessels, such as bigger and better weaponry. Some of them have been wonders of technology and brilliant oceanic design, and craft.

We, at are specialized in making large battleship models for public attractions, museums, private mansions and businesses as well. Our large ship models are highly durable and crafted to last for years. Detailed and intriguing large model ships are a great investment that allows you to reap the benefits for decades.

Not sure how to choose and order large battleship models? Whether you are looking for the U.S navy ship models or any other naval warship model, just tell us your requirement and preferences and the rest is on us.

We keep our clients informed and involved as much as they want about the progress of their ship model.

These large battleship models are huge but not heavy. With the help of our smart designers and superior hollow hull construction method, we managed to keep these giant structures quite light as compared to their size.

Why Choose Us

We have an expertise in modelling some of the best battleships ever crafted to the grace the oceans:

  • HMS Victory
  • USS constitution
  • German battleship Bismarck
  • USS Missouri
  • Zumwalt Class Destroyers
  • HMS Dreadnought
  • HMS Queen Elizabeth
  • HMS Defender

And more…

From Daring-class air-defence destroyers in service to large Spearhead-class expeditionary fast transport craft, our passionate and expert modellers work 24*7 to give you the more than what you desire for. Highly detailed and made to order, our large battleship models are fully customized.

Irrespective of the size and complexity of the model, we maintain our on-time delivery reputation, without compromising on quality, technicalities and beauty of the product.