Estonia Museum

Client Name: Estonia Maritime Museum
Number of Models: 6
Ship Model Names:

  • SS Estonia
  • Sonja
  • Veronia
  • SS Keyingham
  • Sailing Ship
  • Passenger Steam Ship

The Estonian Maritime Museum is the institution for collecting, preserving, studying and presenting Estonian maritime culture. The Museum was founded in 1935 by former captains and sailors, today the museum is the most popular in Estonia and it is also one of the largest museums in Estonia. Its popularity is a result of the exciting exhibitions the museum holds, for example the “Seaplane Harbour” and the “100 Years On Water”.

Estonia Museum asked us to produce 6 high-quality ship models, they intended to include all 6 models in their “100 Years On Water”, these models were chosen to highlight the turbulent series of events that took place between the inception of the Republic of Estonia to its 100th birthday. Each year from 19-18 to 2018 is represented by 1 ship.

Premier Ship Models were given 6 months to create 3 cut-away models and 6 months to create 3 full models. All models were meticulously assessed to ensure all aspects of the models were *pristine* as they are on permanent display.

Estonia Museum supplied detailed plans for 5 of the ship models, leaving us to research and design the SS Keyingham. We then made detailed CAD designs of the ship which the Estonia Museum soon approved.

A challenging aspect of this project was ensuring every detail of the 5 models that had design plans were to the museums liking, this required efficient and effective communication between us and the director of the new exhibition.

The model ship was finished in time to be delivered and installed in the museum before the launch of their exhibition. The pictures on the right demonstrate the size and complexity of the model and the detail achieved in the cross sections.

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