Client Name: INEOS
Ship Model Name: JS Ineos Marlin
Number of Models: 10
Size of Model: 39 cm
Scale of Model: 1 to 600

INEOS is a leading chemical company operating on a global scale. The company focuses on promoting health and safety along with environmental performance. They produce the raw materials necessary to manufacture a wide variety of goods necessary to every day life and wellbeing. 

The company approached us to make a model in the scale of 1:600 as they already had an existing model in 1:700 scale. The original enquiry was for 1 model but this was later increased to 10. The first model needed to be completed by a specific date and the remainder could come later however we ended up completing all 10 models by the deadline date. Each model needed to include a base, display case and plaque.

They needed to be 3D Printed Models considering the size and the amount of detail on the model along with the fact we had a strict deadline. We received General Arrangement Drawings from the client, which we then had to convert in to CAD to prepare for 3D Printing. As the models were all identical, this was our first series of multiple 3D prints.

Prior to printing the models we provided the client with 3D renderings so they could visualise what the finished models would look like and sign off the design before they were printed. We were able to produce the renders using a combination of the General Arrangement Drawings and photos of the vessel.

As mentioned we had a deadline for the first of 10 models however we were able to complete all 10 models by the original date given by the client. The customer was very pleased with the finished model.

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