Maritimo 70 Yachts

Client Name: Zetta Jet
Ship Model Name: Maritimo 70
Number of Models: 6
Size of Model: L: 55 cm x H: 30 cm
Scale of Model: 1 to 40, 1 to 70

Zetta Jet are based in Singapore and provide private flight services. They are dedicated to upholding a highly personalised service on board their fleet of 11 luxury private jets. Their list of clients includes some of the biggest names in the film and music industries.

Premier Ship Models were commissioned to build a total of six high quality custom models of the Maritimo 70 Yacht for Zetta Jet. One model was to be built to the scale of 1:40 and the remaining 5 to the scale of 1:70. The model in scale 1:40 and 1 of the 1:70 models were to be built and delivered in time for a boat show the company were exhibiting at. The remaining 4 models could be delivered later as they were intended for display in Zetta’s offices.

The two models that needed to be used for the boat show were built first as the client needed them urgently. However, for the purposes of efficiency we created all 6 hulls initially and then finished the fixtures and fittings for the two urgent models. The entire build process was completed by hand with the leading model maker taking control of the project as they were custom models. Through the assistance of a production manager, the models were completed to the correct standard and met the requirements of the client.

All 6 models were built to the customers expectations and delivered in time for the show and to be displayed in the Zetta Jet offices.

“ Hi Premier Ship models, just wanted to update you that we’ve recieved the models and they look lovely. thank you for all of your help!.”


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