S.25 Sandringham

This project was completed for a private client, and so we cannot mention them by name. However, we can talk about the model.

Midway through 2023, we were tasked with building an Aquila Airways Sea Plane model. It was to be completed with the name Hampshire, as well as the registration ‘G-AGEU.’

The model measures in at a scale of 1:72.

The main dimensions are:

  • Length: 14.37 inches
  • Width: 18.79 inches
  • Height: 3.81 inches

Aquila Airways was a British independent airline, formed on 18 May 1948 and based in Southampton, Hampshire. Their operations have been ceased since 1958, but some of their aircrafts remain iconic even today.

Their fleet consisted of five aircrafts, and this handcrafted wooden model is based off of the Short S.25 Sandringham; a British civilian flying boat. They were produced as conversions of the widely used Short Sunderland, a military flying boat that was frequently used as a maritime patrol aircraft.

As stated above, this project was conducted on behalf of a private client, and so we cannot go into detail. They were, however, been immensely impressed throughout the entire process, and it was a pleasure to work with them and help bring their vision to life.

Just like with all our corporate endeavours, extensive research was conducted to ensure the precision of our models. We aimed for the highest levels of realism and intricacy, which necessitated close collaboration with the client. Further research was dedicated to ensuring the authenticity of the model met our standards.

Regular communication with the client throughout the construction process ensured that both models were tailored precisely to their specifications. This included details such as colour schemes, structures, and overall measurements. It also ensured complete transparency, allowing the client to track the progress of their order.

This particular model was made via CNC, laser machines and the materials used consisted of wood, fibreglass and also contained chrome finishing in certain places, such as the wingtips.

In most ship models, the hull takes precedence as the primary component, meticulously measured to meet precise specifications. This serves essentially as a base for our model makers, allowing the visualisation of the entire model.

Since this is a flying boat model, a lot of our expertise around maritime models could actually be translated into this project, with the main exception being the wings of course.

Following the completion of the main body, attention shifted to finer details such as the cockpit, tail, and lettering. While termed “smaller,” these sections demanded significant levels of persistence and accuracy.

Once the model was fully assembled, the painting process commenced. Certain parts were pre-painted to prevent any potential drips, though the hull typically remains unpainted until the last minute to allow for adjustments if necessary.

The client was left extremely pleased with this Aquila Airways S.25 Sandringham plane model. We have been branching out into new areas of model making, and completing a custom plane project was a big step for us.

We’re excited to move onto future projects now, and are proud of the work carried out here!

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