TUI Cruises Discovery

TUI Group, a global travel and tourism company based in Hanover, Germany. Their fleet consists of six vessels, the first of which entered service in 2003 and the most recent (TUI Discovery II) in 2017.

In the second quarter of 2016, Royal Caribbean International announced their plans to sell the Splendor of the Seas to TUI Group. It became the fifth ship to enter service in late 2016 and was renamed TUI Discovery. To mirror the rebranding and renaming of the actual vessel, TUI planned to do the same to an existing model of the Splendor of the Seas for display in their head office in Luton.

The project involved both rebranding and restoration work. We repainted the hull and funnel in the colour scheme as provided by TUI, added a new logo to the funnel and balconies to each side. The duck tail was installed and the superstructure was repainted as a result of sunlight having faded the colour. The windows needed to be changed to match the colour scheme in the rest of the work. Finally we created a climbing wall, megatron TV, new window frames and repainted the deck around the swimming pool.

All of the changes, rebranding and details were completed to the customers wishes and the model was delivered personally to the TUI office in Luton.

“In 2016, TUI acquired the Splendour of the Seas from Royal Caribbean and transformed her into TUI Discovery; at the same time the guys at Premier Ship Models set to work transforming the original builder’s model to reflect the look of the ship under TUI ownership. Working from ship’s plans and photographs they added a rock climbing wall, a sponson, funnel logo, a full deck of additional balconies and most importantly repainted the hull to match our new livery. The accuracy and workmanship was extremely impressive and the model is a real talking point for visitors at our Head Office”.

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