Wheelock Properties

Client Name : Wheelock Properties
Number Of Models : 2
Model Sizes and Scale :

  • Concept sailing yacht A – 1.2 metres long and sacle 1 : 11
  • Concept sailing yacht B – 1.03 metres long and scale 1 : 110

Wheelock Properties the 2nd oldest company in Hong Kong establised in 1857 and acquired by local tycoon Sir Yue-Kong Pao in 1985. The company operates in high end Real Estate.

Wheelock properties commissioned a project to design and fabricate 2 futuristic sailing yachts that had never been showcased before. The models were to be displayed in a high end flat and installed on a LED table with waves to represent the ocean, it also had a over head projector that emulated a sunset. Premier Ship Models were given 3 month deadline to complete the project.

This project was initially challenging as we had to design 2 futuristic yachts that had never been showcased, this left us with a lot of creative freedom as we were essentially working on concept yachts, after many design drafts we agreed on 2 designs. 

Production commenced mid January and due to the Corona Virus pandemic the deadline was extended. Ensuring we progressed over the global pandemic proved difficult as many suppliers weren’t operating as usual. We overcame this challenge as we successfully adapted to the global situation and managed to remain operational as usual, and we found all the supplies required without diluting the quality of the final product.

Lastly, this project required very efficient and effective communication as we have to contact Wheelock properties through FUJI (China) Decoration And Engineering CO LTD, as they were in charge of the companies finance.

Both models were delivered on time and Wheelock properties were extremely impressed, we now are  working to design and manufacture a further 4 super yachts and 2 sailing yachts for the high end and prestigious company.