3D Printed & CNC Models in UAE: Yachts, Ships & More

3D printing has revolutionised maritime model making, allowing models to be produced in minutely accurate detail. We have invested in cutting edge 3D printing systems that allow us to produce components as thin as a stand of hair.

These systems also allow us to produce models to a very tight timescale – meaning we can meet your deadlines while maintaining superior quality.

Here at Premier Ship Models we produce 3D printed models of super yachts, sailing ships, and commercial maritime vessels for customers across the United Arab Emirates and beyond.

3D Printed Buildings, Apartments & Hotels

We can also produce incredibly detailed and accurate architectural models – including 3D printed buildings such as apartments and hotels.

3D printing options we offer:
  • Stereolithography (SLA)
  • Printing FDM Printing

  • The intelligent combination of these techniques allows us greater flexibility in our model making projects and ensures a high level precision.

    Are you based in the UAE and need a 3D printed yacht, ship or architectural model delivered to the very highest standards?

    Contact Premier Ship Models today.