Our service offering has evolved to include architectural model making, meeting the needs of architecture and property firms across UAE – in Abu Dhabi and in cities like Dubai – as well architectural and real estate clients around the world.

Cutting-Edge 3D Printing, Laser and CNC machinery

We can now create stunningly detailed architectural models using the very latest in 3D Printing, laser and CNC machinery.

We harness this technology to create individual components or sections, then combine them, resulting in the finished model – be it a building, development or cityscape.

Architectural models are an effective way to show a client how a development will progress stage by stage, or to show would-be investors/renters how their property looks (or will look when complete).

We work with qualified architects to get your model just right

When constructing our architectural models we work alongside a qualified architect to ensure the final model is faithful to the original design. As with our ship models , Quality Control takes place throughout the creation of each architectural model.

Hotel, apartments, malls and more

We have a depth of experience in making models of hotels, apartments, shopping malls, municipal buildings and more with 3D printing, CNC, laser and traditional model making methods.

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