By harnessing cutting-edge 3D design software, we can transform your concepts into a more finalised idea – whether it’s a 2D or 3D project. As a highly experienced CAD/3D modelling firm, you can rest assured you will receive everything you need to show off your design or to take it to the next stage, including:

  • High quality fully-rendered images
  • Geometry to make 3D printed objects
  • Engineering drawings
  • A wide range of commonly-used file types

  • What’s more, if you need to make last-minute changes to your design, this is entirely possible thanks to the digital 3D image creation process.

    Creating 3D CAD models from images

    If you do not have a CAD model, but have at least 10 images of a structure from different angles, we can build a full digital 3D model.

    The process begins by creating the basic shape to the correct dimensions. Further details are then added until the design is complete.

    After this, highly detailed 3D images – or animated sequences – can be created and provided to you.

    CAD/3D modelling for UAE clients

    Our CAD and 3D modelling services are available to customers across the UAE – including Abu Dhabi and Dubai – as well as to organisations across the globe.

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