• Render your model ship in stunning Sterling silver or other precious metal
  • Our silversmith partner has more than 80 years of experience
  • British Sterling silver 92.5% is pure
  • Exclusive Anti-tarnish treatment using Nanotechnology
Ship models forged in Sterling silver are an especially eye-catching and elegant way to render a vessel – making an attractive focal point in offices, commercial spaces, museums and many other locations.

80 years of creating exquisite silver objet d'art

Here at Premier Ship Models we can render your model ship in UK sterling silver, thanks to our partnership with a third-generation family run silver smith based in London’s Chancery Lane. With more than 80 years of experience increasing beautiful jewellery and objects in precious metals, our partner, in unison with us, can create your model vessel in silver and a number of other precious metals.

Bespoke silver model ships for buyers in the UAE and beyond

This service is available to discerning clients across the United Arab Emirates – including Abu Dhabi and Dubai, as well as to buyers around the world.

Bejewelled Models

Bejeweled Models is a concept borne of two highly experienced companies: Premier Ship Models and a 9th -generation jewellery and precious gem specialist based in London.

As of mid-2020 we are working on our first project, and will reveal details of it as work progresses.

This service gives you the opportunity of creating a truly one-of-a-kind model ship – built in precious metals and gemstones of your choosing.

The final model ship will be an exquisite object like no other because each customer has an almost limitless range of customisation options – resulting in a piece of art in the truest sense.

Do you have a concept for a precious metal model ship? Get in touch with premier Ship Models to discuss your ideas.

Bejewelled Models

Working together with a 9th generation jewellery and precious gem specialist, we have created a concept of Bejewelled Models. We are currently as of mid-2020 working on our first build and will release details as the project progresses. 

The idea behind the concept is to create something truly unique, giving the customer free range to customise their model with the addition of precious metals and gemstones. Since no customer will ever choose the same customisation, this means that their model is one of a kind and a true piece of art.