At Premier Ship Models, we offer you handcrafted model ships in a set of varieties that is difficult to find anywhere else. We understand that whether it’s an antique large ship model or a wooden sailboat model developing a complete handcrafted ship model project requires craftsman who is skilled and experienced, and love what they do.  Every handcrafted ship model at reflects the history, aura and ambience of the original ship, which is sure to add a definitive class to your home or office interiors.

Cut short, is your one-stop solution for handcrafted model boats.

Our passionate and expert model shipbuilding team if full of designers and modelers who use some of the most popular tools in combination with their handcraft skills to maintain originality.

The specialty of our handcrafted model boat ship is:

  • Intrigued bridge construction with realistic stairways
  • Finely detailed model ship blocks
  • Plank-on-frame method

Handcrafted model ships

Handcrafted model ships are finished and ready for immediate display. The presence of this wooden sailboat model will illuminate any room with the elegant speed of the waves and unlimited freedom of the wind.

Our handcrafted model ships are a piece of true elegance that is the perfect highlight for a bedroom or a beach house, an office or a meeting room, where it keeps navigating from a table, to a mantle, to a bookcase. Handcrafted model ships by our master craftsmen are not just a model of a ship. Instead, they are the results of the investigation of sources such as photos, historical plans and works of art.

Originals Wooden hulls and decks are constructed from rare and high-quality wood. The base is designed with metal supports and a plate metal identification that clearly shows the name of the model boat ships and premium-quality guarantee details.

To complete a model ship our modelers go through an in-depth process so that the product reaches the highest standards of quality. From selecting and preparing the wood, designing skeleton, building ship hall to prepare and stretch mast and sail handcrafted model ships at follow the original ship history, design and fit as requested by the client.

Ropes and decorations all prepared by hand makes each piece we craft a unique piece which makes your model ship different from the regular machine-made dummies. Every inch of the model ship is designed under high precision to meet our client’s expectations, that too within the said delivery time.

We have expertise in hand modelling some of the best battleships ever crafted to the grace the oceans:

  • HMS Victory
  • USS constitution
  • German battleship Bismarck
  • USS Missouri
  • Zumwalt Class Destroyers
  • HMS Dreadnought
  • HMS Queen Elizabeth
  • HMS Defender

And more…

Some of the powerful and durable handcrafted tug boat models available at are:

  • Conventional tug
  • Tractor Tug with Cycloidal Propellers
  • Tractor tug
  • Reverse Tractor Tug
  • Azimuth stern drive tug
  • The Carousel Tug
  • Combi-tug
  • Z-Peller
  • Giano Tug
  • Eco-tug
  • Ice tug

With our focus on innovation through research and development. Our expert modelers take care of every essential aspect of a handcrafted model ship including the three masts with square sails.

For more information over handcrafted model ships, give us a call or meet in person, so that we can explore the shipbuilding industry better.