Classic & Modern Pirate Ship Model Designs

Pirate ships are capable of attracting the farthest attention. For the last 17 years, Premier Ship Models have manufactured and delivered various Pirate Ship Models to more than 75countries across the world including the UK, US and France. We at Premier Ship Models have successfully designed models of famous pirate ships and Scaled Pirate Ships including the legendary ghost ship from 17th century The Flying Dutchman, 18th century Blackbeard’s ship from THE QUEEN ANNE’S REVENGE, Black Pearl from The Pirates of The Caribbean & Jolly Roger.

Premier Ship Models follows the philosophy of customer satisfaction and its core value revolves around providing the best class service to the customer. To achieve the pinnacle of customer satisfaction, Premier Ship Model strictly adheres to the guidelines detailed by them. Our smart, dynamic and diligent workforce is highly qualified to work with a wide range of budgets, requirements, location, size and timeline.

At Premier Ship Models, we understand the importance of getting hi-tech and we believe in adapting to the latest technological advancements and their integration. To complete the intricate designs while building the various ship models, we use the best quality materials. We have been able to win the love and trust of museums, educational institutions and ship model exhibitors worldwide.

Myths and Facts about Pirate Ships

Far from what we can think of if we focus on myths and stories, pirate ships have never been characterized as large heavy ships superior to their prey during a direct attack. Rather, they were boats that went unnoticed, very light and small in size that prioritized speed. In this way, they could reach their prey and flee quickly. Also, they required low maintenance.

The pirates obtained the armament of the ships that they seized. In the early days, they did not accumulate many cannons since pirates preferred other means, such as boarding, to defeat the other ship, since the victim’s hull would not be damaged. However, at the beginning of the 18th century, the trend changed and it was usual to see ships with large numbers of cannons as if they were warships.

This tendency could be motivated by the increase in the popularity of certain famous pirates and consequently, to be prepared against the inevitable confrontation with the heavily armed ships that would be sent to catch them.

Among the great variety of ships that pirates used in the Modern era, most are reconstructed as model of famous pirate ships at Scaled Pirate Ships, Flying Dutchman, Blackbeard’s ship The Queen Anne’s Revenge, Black Pearl & Jolly Roger are some of the famous pirate ship models that we design and develop.

Other expertise pirate ship models available at are:

  • Brig a vessel with two sticks and square sails that appears in the mid-seventeenth century as a warship. Due to its speed and agility in the manoeuvre, it became one of the most appreciated by pirates.
  • Schooner, which about a century after the appearance of the brig, began to cross the sea. They were very similar to the previous one in terms of functional characteristics and uses; However, it used to be smaller and used for shorter trips.
  • The frigate, the largest ships that crossed the waters of the Caribbean. It stood out for being fast and, although it could not compete with the great ships of the time, its fighting capacity was not negligible at all.