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Custom models

We build scale replicas of virtually any vessel to any size using a variety of different techniques from traditional to modern methods. This helps us to produce custom models that meet our clients expectations, budgets and timescales. With more than 15 years experience in building custom models our production process involves constant communication with our clients during the build of their model at various intervals to ensure they are happy with progress and to give them the opportunity to offer their input.

Examples of the type of Vessels we have built are:

- Superyachts

- Oil Tankers

- Container Ships

- Bulk Carriers

- Cruise Ships

- Sailing Yachts

- Catamarans

- Historical Ships

When Only the Best Will Do!
Beautifully crafted ship models are the perfect display items for your home or office. Whether they are custom ship models, model sailboats or model yachts, these artistic display ship models of historic significance makes an ideal gift to dear friends and important clients or business associates. Premier Ship Models offers intricate workmanship on ship models using quality materials at the most reasonable prices. We have a diverse and growing portfolio of custom handcrafted ship models, model boats, sailboats, yacht models, antique model ships, and as well as wooden and scale model sailing ships. The ship models are highly sought after by prominent museums, boat shows, offices and private collections across the globe.

The Past and Present of Custom Ship Models
Ship modeling is a specialized art that dates back to ancient times. It began around the same time when water transport and ship building first came into existence. Today, it is one of the most popular hobbies in the world an scale models of popular ships and other water vessels are highly sought-after collectibles.

As Authentic As It Can Get
Premier Ship Models prides itself on the detailed accuracy of historic ship models commissioned. . For some of the historical ship models, actual ship plans of the vessel have been used. The ship plans was reduced to scale for production in producing the historic ship models looking like the original, with all the intricate detail painstaking crafted onto the ship model. We regularly update the website with new and attractive discounts. Look out for any special offers or discounts whislt browsing if you’re looking for wooden ship models or scale model ships, you may come across some special offers.

You Deserve the Best
Established almost two decades back, Premier Ship Models has successfully delivered to more than 300 custom ship models to clients across the globe, spanning 50 countries. Premier Ship Models focuses on ensuring the models ships delivered are of the highest accuracy and details, moreover, the best quality materials are used to maintain an authentic appearance whilst ensuring durability of the models. We understand that our customers are excited when placing orders having spent time in choosing the perfect model for themselves, their clients or loved ones. Having decided on a modern or historic ship model, looking at the various different types of vessels; like sailing ships, sailboats, J Class yachts, tugboats with the type of material used; wooden or sterling silver and finally placing the order.. Having spent so much time in in choosing the ship model, we do our best to ensure that you’re even more excited when model ship is delivered. For this, we have a team of professional craftsman’s who are adept at following ship plans ensuring the models are made perfectly. We have thrilled the most discerning clients; including renowned corporate companies in various industries with our elaborate designs and attention to detail.

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