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Custom models

We craft scale replicas of virtually any vessel to any size using a variety of different techniques from traditional to modern methods. This helps us to produce custom models that meet different quality expectations, budgets and timescales. During the build of a custom model we send images to the client at various intervals to ensure they are happy with progress and to give them the opportunity to offer their input.


Restoration projects are completed in either our UK or overseas workshop by the lead model maker in each respective workshop. The process starts with an analysis of the current state of the model (either through photos or in person) and then we provide a detailed summary of the work to be carried out and the associated costs. Full restorations include repair of deck details and fittings, replacement of damaged rigging, cleaning and conservation and repainting.

Display cases

We produce bespoke display cases made to order and size in either glass or acrylic. Our cases can be customised further through a variety of choices for the suede or felt lining on the base and from different wood stains for the frame/base. We offer a personal delivery and fitting service and our cases can be seen in offices across the world. We offer display tables as well as cases for those clients looking for end to end design.

3D printing

This service creates highly detailed and minutely accurate model replicas with our printers able to print to the same thickness as a strand of hair. It allows us to build models faster, which is useful for fulfilling customer projects where the deadline is tighter. All 3D printing is completed in our UK workshops.



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