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Model Ship Restoration Services

Proper care and periodic conservation of model ships ensures their longevity and preserves your investment. At Premier Ship Models, we offer model ship restoration services to bring back model ships that have been damaged or have degraded over time. We have built and restored ship models that are on display in marine museums, offices, boat clubs, and private collections around the world. The oldest model we have restored dates back to over 400 years.

Marine models, like other objects of art, should last indefinitely. Exposure to sunlight, extreme temperatures, humidity, and dust, as well as improper handling can result in damage to a ship model. We offer model yacht repair service to restore the beauty and integrity of your model ship. We use extreme care and attention to detail to repair and replenish all degraded or damaged components, so your model will look like new.

We are as passionate about restoring ship models as we are about ship model building. We take great pride in restoring model ships & boats to their former glory. During the restoration process, we retain as much of the original model as possible and maintain the techniques used by the original builder. We never compromise the original model in any way that interferes with your expectations.

Our team can come to your location in some cases, or work offsite to perform conservation and restoration services on your model. We encourage you to view photographs of some of our work on our website and contact us to learn more about our model ship restoration services and request an estimate for your model ship repair or restoration.

Restoration of Ship Models
Our diverse and growing portfolio of Custom Handcrafted Model Ship’s includes world class museums globally with several major projects in Europe, the Far East & Middle East, Corporate Customers, Boat Shows, Cruise Liners, Petroleum offices, and private collections. In addition to ship model building, we offer a Restoration Service for damaged or distress looking ship models over time due to sunlight exposure, extreme temperatures, dust, humidity, and being manhandled. The restoration service will work to preserve as much of the original ship as possible and restore the ship to its former glory and we take great pride in our restoration work and new handcrafted models. As with all art and antiques, proper care of ship models and periodic conservation can preserve your ship models to ensure the enduring beauty of your model ship. We offer bespoke cases for displaying your models and protecting them from the damage caused by exposure to dust and sunlight. Please browse through our website to learn more about our work and get in touch with us to discuss your project.

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