Container Ship Model & Custom Tanker Bulk Carrier is the world’s most assorted online marketplace for imaginative vintage handmade ship models. The models crafted are 100% scratch built by our in-house experienced modellers with plank-on-frame construction method.

We keep it real

With an input of long working hours, our master craftsmen use real wood and colors, like the real ship, to keep the cargo ship model of your dreams close to reality.  Highly detailed and made to order, our cargo ship models are not any sort of kits that you need to put any kind of effort in. The models are ready to display and the perfect decor item for the office or home due to their lightweight and realistic features.

We understand our customers are boat enthusiasts / passionate ship model collectors; hence we built them cargo, tugs and civilian ships with finest quality resin, wood and metals. For true-to-life look and feel of our premier ship models, the tankers, bulk carriers & containers are specially crafted with metal fitting and brass pedestals.

Our vintage cargo ship models are great little staging props for photography due to their unusual rustic look.

The specialty of our Container Ship Models 

  • Detailed bridge construction with stairways
  • Sincerely reproduced deck textures
  • Container blocks with fine details
  • Plank-on-frame method
  • Rotating ship propeller

Why choose us 

We make sure we engage our valuable customers at each stage of their custom commercial vessel model build.

Irrespective of the complexity and size of the model, we maintain our reputation of “On Time Delivery” with zero compromises with the quality of support materials used in the making.